About Me

My name is Sarah and My fibromyalgia was a disaster for my life as a couple and my social life. As for my family and professional life. I have also divorced twice. When you consult so often, people don’t believe you. You are told that you are an imaginary patient, so we piss off everyone. I was incapacitated in my job as an air traffic controller for ten years, because I even had visual problems that I still have today. It has been a stress all my life.

Three years ago, I met a friend in london who suffered from very severe fibromyalgia. She was the one who advised me to see a rheumatologist. My doctor used to tell me that fibromyalgia was a catch-all disease, so I didn’t insist. Then one day, when I was with another friend, I had too much pain and I decided to make an appointment at the hospital with a rheumatologist. He asked me what I had, I replied that I didn’t know anything about it. He made me talk for about 20 minutes, and talked about fibromyalgia.

Following this, I then fought with my attending physician to get me a prescription to consult the pain center, but I succeeded. After a fortnight, I had my appointment. There, with all the symptoms I described (joint pain, sleep disorders, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, visual disturbances, migraines …), I was diagnosed without worry.

Overnight, I felt free from all my pain. Having put a name on my illness … I was happy. Since then, I refuse to take the antidepressants that I had been prescribed and which had no effect. And instead of visiting my doctor every fortnight as I did before, I almost never go there again. Today, I mainly do spa treatments and physical activities, it does me a lot of good.

Aqua fitness is the most common physical activity recommended for people with FM. He’s from preferably recommended to practice it in hot water, once or twice a week. This so-called activity soft and without impact to soften muscles and to work the cardiovascular system. The water exerts resistance on the body, which works the muscles without risking injury.

Choose a time of day when you are at your best your form, for example in the morning and integrate physical activity in your daily routine.

Remember to rest after any physical activity and stay well hydrated at all times.

Choose loose clothing that promotes movement shamelessly.

They are also soft approaches that seek to provide tools to deal with periods of severe pain. The perception of pain and its management go through mechanisms cerebral and psychic including literature scientist has shown that it is possible to mitigate pain.

“Psycho-body” approaches are “treating the body and the mind”.

Since fibromyalgia is essentially a problem of overexcitement of the spinal cord, anything that has a calming effect on the body and mind will eventually cause a decrease in the level of pain. According to your tastes, your needs and your financial means, a plethora of choices is available to you. The suggested therapies are for informational purposes only. Now the person

FM will have to experiment or find the approach that works best for him.

Adapted massage therapy improves circulation blood, decreases muscle pain, unravels tensions and gives back amplitude to your movements.

This method helps to eliminate fatigue and relaxes the the nervous system.

Traditional yoga can be a difficult activity for a person with FM because these people cannotsustain a break too long, hence the possibility of find a suitable yoga class. Postures and stretches are synchronized with breathing for achieve deep relaxation and thus relax the body and the mind.